Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Make the Difference
We believe that personal attention is key to an outstanding travel experience, so we've ensured that it's a hallmark of all Odysseys Unlimited tours. Our professional Tour Directors rank among the best in the business; their love of travel is surpassed only by their desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

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Mystical India

Rajir Shrestha

Tour Director - Nepal Extension


Suresh Shrestha

Tour Director - Nepal Extension


Aditya Singh

“I’ve traveled with groups for decades, Aditya Singh is among the best tour directors I’ve ever experienced. His intelligence, timing/pacing, wit, empathy, and grace are just some of the attributes that come immediately to mind. He showed us India in such a personal and close up manner. He encouraged us to be courageous and get closer to our subjects. We never felt rushed, always felt safeguarded, and always stimulated with the sights, sounds, and energy of the places we visited.”
MaryBeth Mullen
Silver Spring, MD

Arvind Singh

“His knowledge regarding sites, religion, etc., was fabulous but his local and cultural insights were really key to my experience there. His grace and calmness, humility and humor made the experience a real pleasure."
Gail Ely
Asheville, NC

Karanveer Singh

“Karanveer is probably the best tour director that any of us ever had … He is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his country, so kind and patient with us, always assuring our comfort and our needs (and wants) are taken care of. I highly, highly recommend him ... He is a gem!”
Marianne Seaborne
San Luis Obispo, CA

Anup Tuladhar

Tour Director - Nepal Extension


National Parks of the Southwest

Marlene O’Handly

“Marlene was everything I could want for a tour guide. She enjoys her job and has a sense of humor.”
Kay James
Sheffield Lake, OH

Jenee Palmer-Sundby

“Jenee is an exceptional tour director. She is efficient, helpful, responds quickly to any situation, and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the tour – terrain, geography, topography, religions, areas, features, towns and cities, et al. We feel extremely lucky that she was with us.”
E. J. Hazel
Bolney, West Sussex, UK

New Zealand Adventure

Tessa Clarke

“Tessa was knowledgeable on all topics within her country. She made the trip a real educational and enjoyable holiday for us.”
Kathy Casey
Williamsburg, VA

Roxanne Garner

“Roxanne was upbeat, cheery, fun-loving, knowledgeable, and accommodating.”
Don & Sandy Lewis
Winters, CA