Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Worldwide

Our Tour Directors Make the Difference
We believe that personal attention is key to an outstanding travel experience, so we've ensured that it's a hallmark of all Odysseys Unlimited tours. Our professional Tour Directors rank among the best in the business; their love of travel is surpassed only by their desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

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Portrait of Italy

Dania Mastacchini

“We enjoyed spending time with Dania. She was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and always positive. She has the perfect temperament for a tour leader.”
Rekha & Craig Arness
McLean, VA

Lara Mocellin

“Lara was so kind, considerate, and helpful in every way. She was truly wonderful in every setting.”
Judy McNeer
Richmond, VA

Igor Ribic

“Igor was exceptionally cooperative, intuitive, diplomatic, knowledgeable, entertaining, and he exhibited outstanding communication and people skills. He’s a major asset to Odysseys.”
Diane Sarti
New Hope, PA

Fabrizio Ruffa

“Fabrizio was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, personable, and he attended to all of our needs. He was great.”
Catherine Botta
Springfield, PA

Anna Scrocca

“Anna is a national treasure – knowledgeable, fun, and great at ‘reading’ the group. She went above and beyond every day.”
Paul Luczak & Kathryn E. Challenger
Seattle, WA

Mara Tiburzi

“Mara was above excellent! Her personality, sincerity and knowledge were wonderful.”
Suzy Riggins & Tim Acken
Cape Coral, FL

Mauro Tonelli

“Mauro was amazing! He was always very professional, but also very personable. Enjoyed his singing on the bus and incredible knowledge about everything Italian.”
Melinda Parker
Crestview, FL

Provincial French Countryside

Catherine Chamoux

“Catherine was an excellent tour director – well informed, caring, helpful. She’s probably the best we have ever had!”
Martha & Paul Crump
Odessa, TX

Florence Hebert

“Florence is a real gem – knowledgeable, pleasant, and super organized.”
Steven & Nancy Schwartzhoff
Seneca, SC

Anita Leroy

“She was excellent in every respect, very professional and knowledgeable, a wonderful resource, and extremely helpful.”
Nancy Metzler
Charlotte, NC