Odysseys Unlimited’s Travel Gift Guide

Odysseys Unlimited’s Travel Gift Guide

Posted October 17, 2016

The holidays are fast approaching, and finding the perfect gift for your travel partner or travel-loving friend may seem overwhelming – they seem to have everything they need. However, we hope the gift ideas in this post will impress even the most frequent travelers.

Shutterfly Gift Card

Give the gift that lets travelers display their favorite memories. Instead of just keeping pictures stored on a computer or phone, with this gift card, travelers can take their favorite photos and put them on mugs, souvenir books, ornaments, canvas prints, wall calendars, and more.

Lands’ End Scarf

There’s no better travel fashion accessory than a stylish (and cozy) scarf. These Lands’ End scarves pair well with any outfit, and are great for travelers who enjoy exploring all year-round.

Push Pin or Scratch Travel Map

Frequent travelers will love putting push pins into this world map; showing off their travels to guests while also reminding themselves of their adventures.  If push pins aren’t of interest, consider this scratch map.

Osprey Bag

This day pack made by Osprey is perfect for travelers who plan on exploring all day; whether they are visiting city landmarks, taking a hike, or going on a game drive while on safari.

Armored Wallet

Give your traveler the gift of peace of mind with this armored wallet. The wallet material blocks RFID signals that thieves use to steal information from hotel key cards, ID cards, certain credit cards, and bank cards.  RFID cards don’t swipe, but rather use technology that includes tapping the card to the payment reader. These cards are often marked with four curved lines on the front or back.

Touchscreen Gloves

Stylish gloves are a great gift, but touchscreen gloves are even better. Travelers can now easily stay in touch with loved ones and use their phone camera without fumbling with their gloves. Eddie Bauer makes stylish touchscreen gloves for women and men.

Jewelry Organizer

Although we recommend not bringing valuable jewelry on trips, travelers often want to still pack some smaller accessories.  In that case, this organizer is perfect.

Travel White Noise Machine

Light sleepers will no longer have to worry about their room location with this travel-sized white noise machine.

Fast Dry Socks

Shoes offer some protection against rain, but they’re not impenetrable. And walking around in wet socks is both extremely uncomfortable, and even unhealthy! Help your travel-loving friend be prepared with these fast drying socks.

Happy shopping!


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