Odysseys Unlimited’s Travel Gift Guide

Odysseys Unlimited’s Travel Gift Guide

Posted October 25, 2017

With the holidays fast approaching, finding the perfect gift for your travel partner or travel-loving friend can be a challenge.  For our second annual travel gift guide, we offer some ideas that we hope will impress even the most experienced travelers on your list.

Clip-on Phone Camera Lens

As phone cameras get more advanced, travelers have begun to use their phone as the main way to capture photos while on the road. Help the travel-lover in your life get creative with their shots with these cool lenses that clip onto their phone (compatible with both Samsung and iPhone). With zoom, fisheye, and wide-angle options, these little lenses can transform a basic photo into an artful composition. The lenses are easily stored in a small pouch that can be placed in a purse or backpack.

Cord Roll

With phones, tablets, e-readers, and tablets needing to be charged, not to mention the ever-tangled set of headphones, travelers now carry more chargers and wires than ever. This cord roll is a handy tool to store all of your chargers and wires and it rolls up to fit in a purse or bag. 

Waterproof Camera Case

For the friend or partner who prefers to use a compact point-and-shoot camera rather than their phone, this waterproof case allows them to take pictures in the most rainy and dusty weather conditions.  From the humid and rainy Costa Rican rainforest to the dusty plains of an African safari, their camera gear will be protected.

Travel-sized Humidifier

Heating and cooling systems in hotels can make rooms dry.  This portable humidifier (about the size of a grapefruit) can be plugged in to any outlet or USB port to help travelers breathe easier and boost their immune systems.

Sleep Mask

If the travel lover in your life enjoys falling asleep on flights, this sleep mask will provide a lightweight yet effective way to block out light from a neighbor’s open window shade or from their overhead reading light.

Travel Pillow

This isn’t your typical travel pillow.  This innovative design is more comfortable than the u-shaped pillows we see on planes everywhere by providing an ergonomic shape that keeps the neck kinks at bay.

Travel Blanket/Scarf

This comfortable scarf can be also be used as a travel blanket on cold flights or buses.  It even features an RFID-blocking (technology that blocks electronic pickpocketing) zippered pocket to store a phone, wallet, and passport.  

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