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Summer 2023

Welcome to the summer edition of our News & Views newsletter, where you can find travel experiences and tour options that we hope fuel your wanderlust.

One of the many exciting aspects of travel is the possibility of seeing native wildlife. So, for those looking to connect with nature, we’ve identified all of our tours with animal encounters – whether it be searching for the “Big Five” while on safari in Africa, birdwatching at Pont de Gau Ornithological Reserve in France, cuddling husky puppies in Alaska, spotting Ranthambore’s elusive Bengal tigers in India, or marveling at the size of the giant tortoises in the Galapagos.

Another perk of traveling is the opportunity to participate in cultural festivals around the world. From India to Europe, Odysseys includes special event departures on select small group tours that offer you the opportunity to experience local traditions and entertainment firsthand. Check out a list of special events we see on tour in this issue.

For a charming story that exemplifies how travel brings people together, you can read our Q&A with Odysseys guests Cynthia and James Hebert and Susan and Neil Ciarfalia. In 2010, the couples met on our Machu Picchu to the Galapagos tour and quickly became friends. They’ve since taken three other Odysseys tours together – and are scheduled to set out again on Norwegian Splendor in 2024.

And if you have upcoming travel plans, I encourage you to peruse our list of must-read blog posts that provide essential information and advice to help you prepare for your journey.

We hope you find this information useful – and the stories inspiring – when considering your next adventure. Happy travels!



Bruce A. Epstein
President, Odysseys Unlimited

P.S. A special shoutout to our guest Susan Kayton who sent us this newsletter’s header photo (above) of her group’s cruise through Ha Long Bay while on Journey through Vietnam.

In This Issue
15-Tours With Animal Encounters

15 Tours with Animal Encounters

One exciting aspect of visiting a new place is the possibility of encountering native animals. Many of our tours include visits to national parks, reserves, animal sanctuaries, farms, and more, where we can see some of these creatures up close – and best of all, our visits help support the work being done to keep them safe. Click below to find our 15 tours with animal encounters, along with some on-tour photos like the one above taken by guest Sheri Larsen on our Classic Safari small group tour.

QA with Odysseys guests the Heberts and Ciarfalias

Q&A with Odysseys Guests: The Heberts & Ciarfalias

In 2010, Odysseys guests Cynthia and James Hebert and Susan and Neil Ciarfalia met on our Machu Picchu to the Galapagos small group tour and quickly became friends. They’ve since taken three other Odysseys tours together – and are scheduled to set out again in 2024. We connected with the Heberts and Ciarfalias to ask them about their travel experiences with Odysseys Unlimited – and with each other. Read their story below!

4 Special Events to See On Tour In 2024

4 Special Events to See On Tour in 2024

From India to Austria, from the U.K. to the Netherlands, there are an array of cultural festivals and events for you to enjoy on an Odysseys Unlimited small group tour. We offer special festival departures on several tours, where you can immerse yourself in the traditions, culture, and entertainment of another country. Click below to see the full list of special events we see on tour – each with their applicable special departure dates listed.

Our Must Reads For Easier Travels

Our Must-Reads for Easier Travels

On The Odysseys Blog, we have curated a library full of helpful information: essential travel tips, FAQs about Odysseys services, tour director and accommodation spotlights, destination deep-dives, and much more. We’ve collected six must-read posts that will help make preparing for your next trip a breeze. Click below to learn more.


Back-to-Back Tours: Keep Up the Travel Momentum

Can’t decide between two (or more!) of our small group tours? Booking them back-to-back may be the solution! Our Travel Counselors can help you organize an extended journey where you can experience two or more of our tours, all in one trip. Why not take advantage of having a major flight behind you and expand your stay in your chosen destinations so that you can see even more of the world? Call 1-888-370-6765 or email us today to ask if back-to-back touring may be an option for you.


Travel with Your Friends & Family on a Private Departure

Your select group of friends and family can tour as a small private group on many of our journeys worldwide. Our private departures offer a complete Odysseys Unlimited tour experience: comprehensive included sightseeing, high-quality and well-located hotels, outstanding travel value, and as always, a dedicated professional tour director. Click below to learn more or contact us today to inquire.


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