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Spring 2024

Welcome to the latest issue of our News & Views e-newsletter. We’re delighted to introduce you to some people and places that have been on our radar lately, including frequent Odysseys guest Laurel Davar, who paints sensitive – and stunning – “character portraits” of her tour directors. See a selection of Laurel’s work and read about her creative process below.

With the arrival of Spring, our thoughts turn to nature and the outdoors – and to some of the incredible natural phenomena that you can see for yourself on an Odysseys small group tour. We highlight a few of these spectacles, from the dancing lights of the aurora borealis to East Africa’s jaw-dropping Great Migration.

Spring also inspires Odysseys employees to think about their own journeys, and we’ve shared some of their travel wish lists here. Perhaps not surprisingly, their dream destinations – including Egypt, Africa, and Patagonia – closely track with those of our guests!

Finally, learn about the Physical Activity Levels that we’ve recently introduced for all our tours. We hope these ratings will be of assistance to you as you make your travel plans.

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Bruce A. Epstein
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In This Issue
15-Tours With Animal Encounters

Odysseys Employees Share Their 2024 Travel Wish Lists

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a running list of destinations that you dream of visiting. Maybe you wish to go on safari in Africa, or explore the mysteries of Southeast Asia, or traverse the Australian Outback… Odysseys employees are no different – we have our own travel dreams, as well. Click below to find out our wish list destinations.

QA with Odysseys guests the Heberts and Ciarfalias

Guest Feature:
Meet Laurel Davar, World Traveler and Artist

Laurel Davar is not only a loyal Odysseys guest (she and her husband Saeed just returned from their 13th tour with us), she’s also a talented artist who paints “character portraits” of people she meets on tour – particularly her tour directors. We recently spoke with Laurel about her creative process and what she enjoys about traveling with Odysseys Unlimited. Click the button below to read our full conversation.

4 Special Events to See On Tour In 2024

5 Must-See Natural Phenomena

Our world boasts many spectacular natural phenomena you simply must see to believe. From the aurora borealis illuminating the night sky to millions of blooming cherry blossom trees ushering in springtime around Japan, these events inspire wonder in all who witness them. Here are five natural phenomena you can see on an Odysseys Unlimited small group tour – and the time of year to experience each one.

Our Must Reads For Easier Travels

Sweet Inspiration

From such topics as British slang and coffee culture in Scandinavia to scenes of India’s colorful Pushkar camel festival and tips on photographing wildlife in the Serengeti, our Destination Insights offer interesting, illuminating, and sometimes quirky info about some of the places you’ll be visiting. You’ll find these videos, articles, and audio programs just below the Tour Directors section on each tour on our website.


Introducing: Physical Activity Levels on Tour

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new tool to help you make a more informed decision when choosing your next Odysseys adventure: Physical Activity Level ratings. On every tour we offer, you can now find a Physical Activity Level rating that measures the tour’s difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5, from Easy to Challenging. Click the button below to learn more about the five Physical Activity Levels on our blog.


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