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Odysseys Employees Share Their 2024 Travel Wish Lists

March 21, 2024

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a running list of destinations that you dream of visiting. Maybe you wish to go on safari in Africa, or explore the mysteries of Southeast Asia, or traverse the Australian Outback

Odysseys employees are no different – we have our own travel dreams, as well. Check out what Odysseys employees have in mind for their own future adventures below.


Japan– Jessica Nugent, Document Coordinator

Mount Fuji in Japan

Jessica says: “From the city streets of Harajuku to the breathtaking views of Mount Fuji, Japan has been my dream travel destination for as long as I can remember. As a lover of art, culture, fashion, and historical architecture, Japan has it all. I would love to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and try real matcha tea, or even sample an authentic kaiseki meal.  Rock gardens, cherry blossom trees, hot springs, and the Shinto temples of Hakone show the serene and tranquil nature Japan has to offer, whereas Tokyo and Osaka display Japanese bustling metropolises that seem lightyears ahead of time. My hope is to one day to experience Odyssey’s Insider’s Japan tour!”


India and Vietnam – Casey Butler, Supervisor, Worldwide Staffing & Quality Assistance

Casey at Petra on the optional "Jordan: Petra and Amman" post-tour extension for our Egypt & the Eternal Nile tour

Casey says: “I’d love to experience our Mystical India tour with the post-tour extension to Nepal, or Journey through Vietnam with the post-tour extension to Cambodia. I’ve always been fascinated by eastern culture, religions, and traditions, so traveling to these areas would absolutely be an experience of a lifetime for me, especially during a festival season in India or during Tet in Vietnam. I love Indian cuisine and Vietnam is considered a culinary capital of the world, so these two destinations are for sure at the top my list!”


Norway – Manuela Rix, Product Development Coordinator

Longyearbyen, a small coal-mining town covered in permafrost located on Spitsbergen Island in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago

Manuela says: “My next dream travel destination is Longyearbyen – I’m obsessed with this place. It’s a small little enclave at the top of the world; it’s visa free, and anyone can live and work there. People stay for a while – weeks, months, and sometimes years, decades. It’s not an Odysseys destination…yet!”


Kenya and Tanzania – Jennifer Santry, Supervisor, Tour Operations

Jen at the "Love Bridge" in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jen says: “Kenya and Tanzania have been on my travel wish list since the first day I started at Odysseys Unlimited. I have always dreamed of going on a safari to watch animals in their natural environment. I think everyone who goes on a safari has the same goal: I would love to see the ‘Big Five’ (elephants, buffalo, rhino, lion, and leopard – in one place). I am celebrating a big birthday this year, so I hope to check this trip off my bucket list in 2025!”


Egypt – Kate Heilman, Manager, Special Interest Groups and Chaipel Leinster, Director, Marketing

Kate in Pula, Croatia

Kate says: “I have a very long list of destinations that I would love to visit, but perhaps my top wish list trip is Egypt & the Eternal Nile. In graduate school, my good friend, roommate, and fellow classmate in the Department of History was born in Egypt but emigrated to the U.S. in her teens. To take a break from school, we often cooked dishes from the regions we were studying, and I had the chance to try Egyptian dishes such as mujadara and koshary. Even though I have not traveled to Egypt yet, I do envision a future journey when I will sail down the Nile, explore Nubian sites while cruising Lake Nasser, and take in the wonders of Giza and Luxor.”

Chaipel and her husband Mitch in Venice, Italy

Chaipel says: “My dream destination is Egypt. I traveled there over 20 years ago and was completely in awe. Everything was so different from any other country I had been to at that time – the sights, the smells, the sounds, the food. I remember calling my parents early in the trip and telling them that I hadn’t blinked in three days! It was new and exciting, and I was just taking it all in. I would like to revisit Egypt with my husband Mitch all these years later and see it through his eyes. It was a life-changing travel experience for me and I imagine it will be for him as well.”


Croatia and Slovenia – Emily Giuliano, Guest Services & Entry Requirements Specialist

Emily in front of a waterfall in Alaska

Emily says: “Highest on my wish list is our Pearls of Dalmatia tour, visiting Croatia and Slovenia. This tour has everything I want to experience in a region – great cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik, natural wonders like Lake Bled and Plitvice Lakes National Park, and ancient sites like Diocletian’s Palace. The highlight of this tour for me would be seeing Postojna Cave, where by train we go deeper into the earth than anywhere else in the world!”


Patagonia – Danielle Palko, Vice President, Human Resources

Danielle (left) and Sara (right) on Patagonia Explorer

Danielle says: “My travel wish list is long, but one of the places on the top is Patagonia and I am going there this month! I am so excited to go on Patagonia Explorer for my employee training trip with my fellow coworker, Sara Taylor (Vice President, Guest Services), 13 Odysseys guests, and our tour director Ivan Bustamante. I love being in nature, the Andes mountains, learning about new cultures, and trying to speak Spanish. This tour offers me all of that and so much more.”


We’d be delighted to help you check off some of the destinations on your own travel wish list; just give us a call or submit a reservation request today to get started on booking your next dream trip.

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