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5 Essentials to Make Any Flight More Enjoyable

May 16, 2023

Air travel is, more often than not, a precursor to an exciting travel experience. Some enjoy the hustle and bustle of airports and the anticipation of the inevitable landing at the destination … or, you might be someone who finds air travel a dreaded but necessary part of the journey.

If you find flying frustrating – or if you are just looking to make flights more comfortable in general – we may have just the list for you. So, before you start winging your way to your next adventure, check out these five essentials to make any flight more enjoyable – and consider tossing these items in your carry-on bag before takeoff.


Sleep mask

It’s sometimes hard to fall asleep in an unfamiliar environment – especially when you factor in the cabin noise and uncomfortable seats that are trademarks of many flights.

If you struggle to sleep on airplanes, consider trying a sleep mask. A good sleep mask can help combat insomnia and improve sleep quality. Plus, many sleep masks come equipped with built-in Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to bask in some soothing white noise or relaxing music while you drift off to dreamland.


Travel pillow

Most airlines offer pillows to travelers – especially on long international flights. However, you would be doing yourself a favor by bringing along a more ergonomic option that best suits your sleep position.

Travel pillows come in virtually every shape and size imaginable, so you can rest assured that you’ll find one that meets your needs. Do note that when shopping for your travel pillow, it’s important to factor in a plane’s cramped quarters – so a compact, lightweight pillow is probably your best bet.


Compression socks

There often isn’t much room to stretch out and move around on a plane, which can lead to leg fatigue and swelling.

That’s where compression socks can be useful. Specifically designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, compression socks help promote blood flow, which in turn reduces discomfort and swelling – a game-changer for anyone who wants to reduce the symptoms of extended periods of sitting.


Noise-cancelling headphones

Headphones are an absolutely essential travel accessory. From audiobooks to music, from podcasts to streaming shows, we consume a nearly constant stream of content. A good pair of headphones makes it easy to enjoy your media without disturbing whoever may be sitting next to you.

However, with so many headphones on the market today, how do you choose the pair that’s right for you? For starters, you’ll likely want to look into headphones with a noise-cancelling function to dampen the sounds of other passengers, engines, and other unpleasant in-flight noises. And if you plan to use them with your smartphone or tablet, the convenience of wireless headphones that connect to your device via Bluetooth can’t be beat.


Wireless power bank

Picture this: You’re about a half-hour into the season finale of your latest favorite TV show when your phone unexpectedly runs out of battery. If you were near an outlet, you’d plug in your device and wait for it to turn back on before picking right back up from where you left off.

On an airplane, though, it’s not always that simple. Though more common nowadays, access to a power source cannot be guaranteed on every airplane. For this reason, we recommend packing a wireless power bank in your carry-on bag so that the irritating situation above becomes a non-issue – simply plug your device into this gadget and let the streaming continue!


Any of these items pique your interest? A quick search on Amazon will yield dozens of competitively priced travel accessories to choose from, each with helpful reviews, product comparisons, and more.

So once you’re ready to take to the skies, we look forward to welcoming you on an Odysseys Unlimited small group tour with just 12 to 24 guests, guaranteed.

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