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Travel and Health

Odysseys Unlimited is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all of our guests, tour directors, motorcoach drivers, and service providers as our first priority.  To allow for a safe and enjoyable on-tour experience, we are asking all guests to make a commitment to take responsibility for their own health and to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the health of their fellow travelers.  As such, we ask that you read the following information regarding health on tour carefully.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


Before your tour:

  • Odysseys Unlimited encourages guests to stay up to date with seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccines prior to travel in order to protect against severe respiratory illness. These vaccines will not be required to participate in an Odysseys Unlimited tour; we will inform you if any inoculations are required for entry to countries included on your tour itinerary.

On tour:

  • Odysseys Unlimited encourages any concerned guests to wear medical-grade face masks when indoors and on board motorcoaches. While the use of face masks will not be required on tour unless guests are exhibiting cold or flu symptoms, we do continue to recommend them to all guests as a measure to help reduce the risk of illness.
  • Guests who are exhibiting mild cold or flu symptoms while on tour will be required to wear a mask when on the motorcoach and in enclosed spaces with fellow travelers for as long as those symptoms persist.
  • Odysseys Unlimited will provide a separate table at included group meals for guests exhibiting mild cold or flu symptoms wherever possible. If we are unable to provide a separate table for guests who are ill, we will help to arrange meals in the guests' hotel rooms.
  • Any guest who is experiencing acute injury or illness that impacts their ability to participate in their tour itinerary will be encouraged to seek immediate medical attention. Odysseys Unlimited will work with any such guests to ensure they have access to timely medical treatment; guests will be able to resume scheduled touring once approved to do so by a medical professional.
  • Odysseys Unlimited does not require guests to test for COVID-19. Any guest who chooses to self-test and does test positive will be required to adhere to local COVID-19 regulations in accordance with in-country government authorities. While these regulations are subject to change, most tour destinations no longer require isolation following a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Changes to travel arrangements, such as additional hotel nights or changes to flight itineraries, may be required due to injury or illness on tour. While Odysseys Unlimited will assist with such arrangements when possible, any associated costs would be at the traveler’s expense.

We thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and loyalty, and we look forward to welcoming you on tour!

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