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Colleen and George Coleman's Travel Tips

Colleen and George Coleman, first-time Odysseys' travelers from upstate New York, have just returned from our Ancient Greece small group tour and shared the following tips they've learned through their travels.


  • Get over jet lag by sunbathing with a glass of wine
  • Make a log of days and plan outfits in advance with weather conditions in mind to maximize your suitcase and leave room for souvenirs.
  • Take a photo each morning of your itinerary on each camera so you have a record as to where you were that day and to keep track of your photos when you get home.
  • Be sure to bring comfortable shoes…and I mean sneakers! There’s a lot of walking, and in areas as ancient as Greece, uneven areas with steep pathways. I found a white pair went with everything; my husband chose a light gray. But of course, at dinner, strappy sandals and leather loafers were par for the course!


  • Not all airlines heading overseas will provide the “main cabin” with eye covers for sleeping. Be sure to pack one for each traveler.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the long flight. You’ll have plenty of time to impress the locals once you’ve gotten into your hotel and changed.
  • If you have food allergies, confirm with OU and your airlines that they are aware of your situation and have noted it on your itinerary. From there, they take care of everything!


  • Your iPhone 13 or greater will take great pics with amazing color…but does not have the capability to retain high resolution for long distance shots. Be sure to also have some sort of hi-res/hi-def long distance lense or second camera to capture every detail. Once you return home, you’ll see things in your pics you didn’t see with the naked eye!
  • Photography leads to posting on social media…be sure you understand the charges before you post away!
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