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Tech on Tour: How to Keep Your Phone Charged While Traveling

February 03, 2017

On your travels, you have likely packed numerous devices—phone, tablet, e-reader, etc.—and had to juggle numerous chargers, adapters, converters, and power strips to use in the hotel room. However, chargers and adapters aren’t useful if there isn’t access to an outlet.  While exploring a city for hours at a time, sitting on an airplane, or riding on a motorcoach, your device can drain battery quickly. Fortunately, there are many products that can charge your devices when you find yourself with no access to an outlet.

Power Bank

A power bank is an easy-to-use external battery pack that is about the size of a small candy bar, and is charged via a traditional wall outlet. However, these power banks can hold their charge for up to a few days, so you can recharge your phone or mobile device several times with it.  Once the pack is fully charged, you simply plug the USB end of your charger into the device and the other end into your phone or mobile device. Many designs employ two USB ports that are compatible with numerous chargers.  Power banks can vary by how much of a charge they will hold and are priced accordingly.

Battery Charger Phone Case

While this product has been on the market for years, it continues to be an easy way to keep your phone from losing its battery.  You plug the phone case into your normal phone charger to power it up, then snap on the case before leaving for the day. When you’re low on battery, flip a switch on the case to activate the charger.

Solar Powered Charger

If you are walking around a city or traveling on a motorcoach with no outlet, a solar powered charger can be immensely helpful.  Many are small enough to fit in your hand and can be clipped to your purse or backpack to get juice from the sun while out exploring.  There are even solar powered chargers that can be attached via suction cups to a motorcoach window.

If you would like more information regarding the basics of electricity conversion while traveling abroad, check out our blog post: https://www.odysseys-unlimited.com/blog/tips-using-electricity-your-travels


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