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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

May 22, 2024

At one time or another on your travels, you probably have felt the onset of cold or flu-like symptoms.  Unfortunately, traveling takes a toll on our bodies and can make us more susceptible to catching a virus – especially when traveling by plane.  To help you stay healthy on the road, we offer the following tips.


Bring Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer with at least 50 percent alcohol content will keep your hands clean when a bathroom isn’t close by.   Use it often during your time in airports and after touching ticket kiosks, ATMs, security bins, and before eating.


Drink Water and Use Nasal Spray

Staying hydrated is necessary when fighting off colds.  Drinking water keeps your respiratory tract moist, which boosts your protection against germs.  We also recommend using a saline nasal spray.  Similar to your respiratory tract, dry mucus membranes are more susceptible to germs so using a nasal spray will keep them moist.  Use it an hour before your flight, then at regular intervals during the flight.


Close or Redirect the Air Vent

Once you are seated on the airplane, either close the overhead air vent or point the vent towards your knees instead of your face.  This keeps microbes away from the most vulnerable spots – your eyes, nose, and mouth. Note: Access to the air flow controls may not be available on larger, wide-body aircraft.


Notify Flight Attendants

If you are sitting next to, behind, or in front of someone on your flight who is noticeably ill, notify a flight attendant and ask if you can be moved to another row (if there are available seats).  If the ill person is displaying signs of a respiratory problem, the flight attendants can give him or her a face mask to protect the surrounding people from catching a potential virus.


Wear Glasses

For those who wear contacts, wear glasses instead.  Contacts can dry out your eyes, making them receptive to germs in the air.  Along with this, you are less likely to touch your eyes if you wear glasses, which is how viruses are often spread.


Put these tips into practice on your next small group tour!

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