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Tips for Responsible Travel

We urge you to consider the following ways that you can help protect the environment before and during your trip:

Preparing for Your Tour

  • Pull the plug on any unnecessary appliances – such as TVs, DVD players, stereos, toasters, charging cables, computers, and microwaves. These items can still use energy in their “off” mode while plugged in.
  • Adjust your thermostat to reduce energy use.


  • Pack light – it’s easier on you and on the environment. Excess weight increases the jet fuel required for your flights.
  • When possible, use rechargeable batteries. These should get you through an entire day before the need to recharge and reduces alkaline battery waste.
  • Digital cameras not only “develop” images faster, but they contribute less pollution toward the environment. Using your camera with a rechargeable battery makes it even more eco-friendly.
  • Stick with smaller-sized reusable and/or refillable products. Try and avoid disposable razors, cleaning packets, or other one-use items.
  • Pack a reusable shopping bag (even better, use one made from recycled or biodegradable materials).

While on Tour

  • Turn off the lights and lower the thermostat when leaving your hotel room.
  • Keep the drapes closed. This will help save energy and keep the room cooler.
  • Use only the water that you need. Do not waste it.
  • If the hotel offers the option of not having your sheets changed or towels replaced daily, take them up on it. Reuse saves water and energy.
  • Let walking be your primary mode of transportation when away from the group; public transportation can be your secondary mode.
  • Eat local foods and produce (when deemed safe).
  • Purchase art, crafts, and other well-made items from local merchants and local artisans, rather than cheap mass-produced souvenirs.
  • Avoid purchasing items made of illegal or endangered species (e.g., ivory, soft woods, corals, reptile skins, etc.).
  • In parks and nature preserves, stay on marked trails; do not pick, pluck, or otherwise disturb the natural environment; and do not leave anything behind.
  • When recharging your electronics, unplug the item after it’s fully charged.
  • As at home, limit the amount of waste you generate on a daily basis.
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