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Useful Links

The following sites offer information that may be useful while preparing for your trip or while traveling.  Please note that Odysseys Unlimited is not responsible for errors or misinformation that may be on any of these sites, nor are we affiliated with them (except for G3 Global Services and the Odysseys Blog).  And, though we try to keep our sources as up to date as possible, note that websites have a tendency to disappear or change hyperlinks without notice.


Air Travel

Directline Flights

A listing of U.S. and foreign airports, including information on ground transportation, directions, services, facilities, and more.

Flying 101: FAQ About Air Travel with Odysseys Unlimited

Everything you need to know about purchasing airfare through Odysseys Unlimited, including information on seating assignments; what to do if your flight is cancelled, delayed, or missed; and how to connect with your tour once your plane lands.

You arrived, but your luggage didn't...now what?

Information on how to secure your luggage and what to do if your luggage is lost in transit.

Essential Knowledge: How to Beat Jet Lag

Tips on reducing jet lag when flying across multiple time zones.

Essential Knowledge: Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

Information on Global Entry and TSA PreCheck services.


International Phone Service

Tech on Tour: 6 Ways to Call Home while Abroad

A list of options for obtaining cell phone service for international travel.


Offers data-only international prepaid eSims (nonphysical SIM cards) that allow you to stay connected to the internet without Wi-Fi.

OneSimCard and Telestial

Offer international SIM cards with a variety of different service options and data limits.

Cellular Abroad

Offers international prepaid SIM cards, hotspot rentals, and cell phone rentals.


Foreign Currency

Oanda Currency Converter

Multi-lingual currency converter with up-to-date rates.


Universal, continuously updated interactive currency converter.


“Know Before You Go”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Know Before You Go

A trove of useful information from U.S. Customs on rules and regulations regarding duty, exemptions, and items that can be brought into the country upon return from international travel.


News and Weather


Highly regarded British news gathering organization with a broad international reach.


World news, weather, sports, and travel information from the foremost newsgathering organization.


Up-to-date, worldwide weather information, including daily and weekly forecasts and monthly climate averages.

Climate Data

Enter a city or town almost anywhere in the world and receive detailed climate information.

World News

Top stories from worldwide online news services, frequently updated, with helpful links to other global sites.


Passports and Visas

G3 Global Services

Visa service recommended by Odysseys Unlimited (note that while this is the visa company that we recommend, you can obtain your visa through any visa company or the appropriate foreign embassy).

U.S. Department of State: U.S. Passports

Complete U.S. government passport services information, including a passport renewal form that you simply download, complete, and drop in the mail.  Also, detailed information on obtaining a passport and more.

Essential Knowledge: Passports and REAL ID

An up-to-date resource on passports and REAL ID.


Preservation and Sustainability


Official website of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, for listing of World Heritage sites, many of which are visited on Odysseys Unlimited tours.

World Monuments Fund

Official website of the World Monuments Fund, dedicated to preserving the earth’s natural and manmade heritage.

Essential Knowledge: Top Tips for Responsible and Sustainable Travel

Tips on sustainable travel practices.


Time Zones

Time and Date

Helpful site relating to worldwide time and time zones, dates, and other calendar information.


Rail Europe

Complete database of rail fares and schedules throughout Europe and the UK.  You can book and purchase tickets online.


List of destinations (both domestic and international) where the Uber rideshare service is available.


List of destinations (domestic only) where the Lyft rideshare service is available.


Travel Gear

My Odysseys Outfitter

Odysseys Unlimited’s online store, in partnership with New Headings, offering clothing and accessories designed for travel.


Travel Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Official website of the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Click on the “Traveler’s Health” tab then select “Destinations” for specific country information.


Accessible Travel Resources

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality

Official website of the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality, with worldwide links and organizational information.


TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

U.S. Travel Security Agency

Federal agency protecting the nation’s travel systems; provides information on security matters at airports and security checkpoints.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Control

Complete information on Customs regulations for travelers to and from the U.S.  Click on “Travel.”


Travel Advisories

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories

U.S. State Department’s official listing of travel advisories.


Other Useful Information

Everything You Need to Know About the My Odyssey Portal

Step-by-step written and video instructions on how to login to the My Odyssey portal and information on what you can find there.

My Odyssey

Our online guest portal that provides you access to your tour documents and destination-specific information.

What’s in Your Tour Documents?

Detailed at-a-glance info on what you can find on the documents available on your My Odyssey portal.

The Ultimate Odysseys Unlimited Packing List

A comprehensive packing list of both general necessities and specific items we recommend that you bring with you on tour.

Odysseys Blog

Explore a wealth of posts, from FAQ about packing, airline travel, and passports to tips on gadgets and technology, all aimed to maximize your on-tour experience.

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