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Small Group Highlight: Sheepdog Demonstration

February 02, 2024

Humans first domesticated sheep thousands of years ago, raising them for their meat, milk, and wool. And for almost as long, shepherds and farmers have trusted “man’s best friend” to help them herd their flocks – a time-honored tradition still practiced today.

On five of our tours – Scotland: Highlands and Islands, Enchanting Ireland, Patagonia Explorer, New Zealand Adventure, and Exploring Australia & New Zealand – our guests have the opportunity to watch working sheepdogs in action.

Sheepdogs working together as a team

At a sheepdog demonstration, an expert handler puts a team of dogs through their paces. The dogs work together, showcasing their herding skills as they guide sheep through a series of obstacles. Each dog has its own set of commands, and our guests watch how the dogs react as their handlers guide them through their prompts.

A shepherd shearing his sheep

Shepherds typically shear their sheep in the spring, so on springtime tours, a sheep shearing demonstration may also be included as part of the experience. For many visitors, though, a highlight of the day is meeting the adorable pups up close.

Meet-and-greet with sheepdog puppies

Experience an authentic sheepdog demonstration on your next Odysseys Unlimited adventure.

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