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Tech on Tour: 6 Useful Apps for Stress-Free Traveling

January 10, 2023

There are aspects of travel that no one wants to worry about – packing, currency conversions, and jet lag, to name just a few. From converting 130 different currencies to creating packing lists customized for your trip, these six apps make organizing the finer details of your journey a breeze.



Xe is an “all-in-one” currency converter app that not only offers the most up-to-date exchange rates, but also allows you to make money transfers in-app. You can choose up to ten of 130 currencies to track so you can get alerts if the exchange rates change.


Airline App

Undoubtedly, one of the most useful apps you can download for a trip that involves flights is your airline’s app. Most airline apps provide live updates on your flight and will send you real-time notifications if your flight is delayed or cancelled, as well as when your flight is boarding. Most will even allow you to purchase or make changes to flights in-app, view your boarding pass, and more.



Finally, an easy way to find local activities and events in one easy-to-access place! Headout collects top attractions, shows, tours, and more from nearly one hundred popular cities worldwide. You can buy tickets to events in-app, and even gain access to last-minute offers that can be up to 80% off list price.



If you are heavily impacted by jet lag, Timeshifter may be a game-changer for your travel experience. Developed by world-renowned scientists and used by astronauts to regulate their sleeping pattern in space, the app uses your age, gender, typical sleep patterns, and specifics about your trip to provide you with a personalized schedule that suggests when to nap or stay awake, when to seek or avoid daylight, when to avoid caffeine, and more. The result: a much easier transition to your destination’s time zone.



One of the most popular international communication apps, WhatsApp allows users to make video and voice calls, send instant messages, and share documents, photos, and more anywhere in the world for free as long as you have internet access.



This app customizes packing lists based on your destination, the time of year, and the length of your stay, making it perfect for those who struggle to pack effectively. You can even fill out a questionnaire on what activities you will be participating in and the app will automatically suggest clothes to pack for each experience.

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