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Tips for Taking Great Video Clips of Guests

Tips for Taking Great Video Clips of Guests

Thank you very much for helping us with our video project capturing our guests in unique moments of discovery!


Over the course of the next several months we will be creating a few Odysseys Unlimited videos that will be used to introduce new travelers to our company and recruit potential employees, as well as for public relations and other marketing endeavors.  We hope to use some of the moments you capture in these videos.

What we would like from you:

We are interested in video clips of guests having a great time participating in unique events and moments of discovery such as:

  • Meeting local people at home-hosted events or local craftsmen during demonstrations
  • Participating in cooking classes and wine tastings
  • Participating in animal demonstrations, such as sheep shearing
  • Using local transportation like rickshaws or rafts
  • Exploring the natural world and seeing unique wildlife
  • Any other cultural immersion experiences that happen on your tour
  • Answering your question: “What is happening right now? “

We would also like to have clips of our Tour Directors leading the tour, so if the opportunity arises, please hand your phone to a guest to briefly shoot some footage of you (or you can do a selfie video!)

A few simple tips:

  • Use your phone to film these video clips (IPhones especially have really fantastic cameras)
  • ALWAYS hold your phone horizontally when talking videos
  • Keep your hands and phone as steady as possible
  • Don’t chase the action. Hold your phone in one place.  Any movement, such as panning from left to right, should be done very, very slowly.
  • Get as close to the action as you can—close is better for capturing what people are saying.
  • Lastly, think about composing the shot as you would when you take a photo—make sure that you are getting everything in the frame that matters
  • Technical tip before you start: Go to your phone Settings, Scroll down and click on the Camera tab, make sure Record Video setting is set to 1080p HD at 30 fps to ensure we are getting the highest quality video.
  • If a guest does not want to appear in the video, that is perfectly fine.  We are really looking for you to capture small groups of our travelers meeting local people and getting a sense of the culture, so you don’t need to make sure the entire group is featured in the clips.  If it becomes too much or too many people don’t want to participate, you don’t need to worry about taking any footage.

Videos should be sent via We Transfer (www.wetransfer.com) to:

Chaipel Leinster, Director of Marketing

[email protected]

Thank you again—We appreciate your help!

Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET

Share your great adventures with us on social media. Tag your pictures with #myodyssey and they may be featured on our website!

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