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Tour Director Profile: Ivan Bustamante, Patagonia

September 08, 2023

It took a global pandemic to reignite Ivan Bustamante’s love for tour directing after more than 20 years on the job. “The long wait to being back on the road made me understand how much I love the interaction with both our guests and with the many friends I have made over the years in Patagonia and other places I visit,” explains Ivan.


“Ivan was amazing in every way."
James & Donna Gross
Dresher, PA

A Chilean who grew up in Scotland, Ivan strives to connect his Odysseys guests with the places on tour, and more importantly, with the people who live there. That way, he says, “Windy Patagonia becomes more than a beautiful and unique landscape, it is also a memory that cannot be forgotten.”

Ivan enjoys spending time with family and friends when he is not on the road, as well as pursuing his love for music. And, he adds, “Traveling when possible is always another priority – how could it not be!”

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