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Tour Director Profile: Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald, Alaska

October 30, 2023

“Alaska isn’t all cold and darkness like people may think,” says Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald, a native of the state. “I bust many assumptions people have about what life is like here,” she says.

Keri-Lyn enjoys showing her guests the different lifestyles in Alaska, “…from living in remote villages off the road system to living in downtown Anchorage on the green belt. We really get to see that variety on the Untamed Alaska tour, with time in the urban landscape of Anchorage, stops in small towns like Talkeetna and Seward, and two nights staying in a fully off the grid community in Kennicott.”


“She is a superstar."
Dan Flickstein
Monroe Township, NJ


As a tour director, Keri-Lyn loves living her life on the road. “Being a tour director gives me the opportunity to travel all around Alaska, which is what I’d be doing in my free time anyway!,” she says.

When not leading tours, her winters are consumed with skiing. “I have some form of skis on my feet every day from December to May, whether it’s Nordic, cross country, backcountry, or downhill,” says Keri-Lyn.


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