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Tour Director Profile: Mustafa Ozcan, Canada, Turkey

December 01, 2022

A native of Turkey who has lived in Canada for the past 24 years, who guides Odysseys tours in both Turkey and Canada, and who speaks four languages (English, French, Hebrew, Turkish), Mustafa “Moe” Ozcan likens himself to a nomad, always on the move. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.



“I love sharing the intricacies of the lands we travel through with people who travel with me to those lands,” says Moe. “And I love traveling and meeting with people who lead extraordinary lives, from astrophysicists to jet pilots, nurses to tribal elders,” he adds.

While leading tours in lands of incredible sights, both natural and manmade, Moe also likes to introduce his guests to the various cultures they encounter. He says, “Culture is one of the most defining aspects of our species that separates us from the rest.”

In his free time, Moe pursues writing – he published his first novel in 2017 – and enjoys playing soccer and chess.

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