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What's In Your Tour Documents?

When you reserve your tour, you will have access to pre-departure documents such as the Day-By-Day Itinerary, General Information, Accommodation List, Luggage Guidelines, and more. If you are looking for specific information, refer to the Tour Documents on your My Odyssey portal; there is a wealth of information within these documents that cover everything from tipping on tour to public holidays at your destinations.

Please note that, in some cases, our pre-departure documents may not be finalized at the time you confirm your reservation.  In these cases, you will receive a confirmation email, but the documents will not yet be visible in the portal.  We will send another email when these documents become available, and will continue to send emails that include airline itineraries, visa information (if applicable), luggage requirements, and other reminders as needed.

Below is a full list of what you may find in your My Odyssey portal, and what each document contains.

TripMate Travel Protection Plan Brochure

  • Information on the optional Travel Protection Plan available through TripMate

Odysseys Unlimited Terms and Conditions

  • The Terms and Conditions for traveling on tour with us

Luggage Guidelines

  • Luggage restrictions and information specific to your tour
  • Location-specific luggage size, weight, and type restrictions (if applicable)
  • Information about luggage handling on tour

Tipping Recommendations

  • How much to tip porters, waiters, and other service people in the countries on your tour
  • Tipping guidelines for your Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director

Entry Requirement Letter

  • Outlines entry requirements for the countries on your tour
  • Advises how to apply for entry documents like visas, if applicable

Important Update on State Dept COVID-19 Advisories

  • COVID-19 policies, recommendations, and requirements for traveling with Odysseys Unlimited

General Information

  • Information on travel documents
    • Passport info
    • Entry requirements
    • Notes for non-U.S. citizens
  • Packing advice
    • Luggage guidelines
    • Packing reminders
    • What to pack
    • Packing your camera
  • Electric current and plug/socket types on tour
  • Weather info
    • Climate overview
    • Detailed temperature charts for each region on tour
  • Money matters
    • Currency exchange rate
    • Currency information and exchange advice
    • Using credit cards on tour
    • Finding and using ATMs on tour
    • Tipping guidelines for meals and activities on your own at your destinations
  • Health and travel
    • Required and recommended immunizations and inoculations
    • Food and water safety
  • On tour with Odysseys Unlimited
    • Motorcoach etiquette
    • Tipping your Odysseys Unlimited Tour Director
  • Country-specific information
    • History and background
    • Language
    • Time zone
    • Cuisine
    • Shopping
    • Business hours and holidays
    • Useful websites
    • Any other necessary info on social customs, religion, etc.

Accommodations List

  • List of all accommodations on tour
  • Contact information (address, phone number, website) for each property
  • Description of location, special features, and amenities

Day-By-Day Itinerary

  • A day-by-day itinerary for your tour, including details on sightseeing, activities, travel, and meals
  • What meals are included on which days
  • When you have free time
  • Accommodations for each day

Practical Travel Tips

  • Basic information for travel
  • Information on travel documentation
  • Packing advice
  • Mobile phone usage
  • Electronics on tour
  • Health and safety recommendations
  • Foreign currency basics
  • Customs and culture
  • How to return home
  • Airline travel instructions and advice
  • Traveling responsibily
  • Helpful websites
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