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Health & Safety

We welcome all travelers but request that you be in fairly good health to participate in an Odysseys Unlimited tour. Please note that you must be able to get on and off the motorcoach by yourself. Our trips involve full days of sightseeing and often significant amounts of walking on uneven terrain (as much as two to three miles a day on touring days). You should consult with your personal physician if you have any concerns.


Health and Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our guests and staff on tour remains our top priority, and Odysseys Unlimited is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable touring experience for all. Our updated health and safety protocols, including those related to COVID-19, can be found here and will be provided with your final tour documents at approximately three weeks prior to departure.

We do ask that all guests on tour practice good hygiene by frequently washing their hands and covering their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Please note that any traveler with persistent cold- or flu-like symptoms will be asked by their tour director to wear a mask when indoors in close proximity to other travelers and while on the motorcoach.

Travel Tip

Bring written prescriptions for your medications.

Should you lose your prescription medication while traveling abroad, you may need to have a written prescription from your doctor in order to obtain a refill. Ask your doctor to provide you with a generic rather than brand name drug, as the brand name might not be available overseas.

Travel Tip

Consider obtaining travel protection.

Many people like to obtain some sort of travel insurance (or “travel protection”) in case they need to cancel their trip at the last minute due to illness or injury, or to ensure against emergency evacuation, baggage loss, or other unforeseen circumstances. Odysseys Unlimited offers a travel protection plan that includes these benefits and more through travel insurance provider TripMate; visit www.tripmate.com/wpN425 to view the travel protection plan, and call the dedicated Odysseys Unlimited TripMate hotline at 833-245-3934 for all policy questions or claims. Of course, you may also purchase travel protection on your own. Either way, we strongly recommend that you protect yourself and your travel investment. If you choose not to obtain travel protection, we recommend checking with your own insurance provider to learn what medical coverage you may have while on tour.

Travel Tip

Prepare for allergies or other special needs.

If you are insulin dependent, suffer from food or insect allergies, or have any other special needs vital to your health, it is critical that you inform our staff at Odysseys Unlimited and, once on tour, your tour director. In addition, each time you arrive in a different country, have someone at your hotel write a note in the local language, such as “I am allergic to peanuts,” which you can show to restaurant waiters. Consider wearing a medical ID tag or bracelet identifying your medical condition.


For more information on staying healthy while on tour, see our blog post: How to Stay Healthy while Traveling.

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